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Vase Somba "M" oceanblue/indigo

A masterpiece of craftsmanship - form, cut and color combine into an incredibly beautiful vase - an eyecatcher in and of itself, also without flowers.

Through the hand cut facets, light - according to intensity - creates marvelous refractions of blue tones that really do recall the colors of the ocean. A very special vase.

Vase with facet cut, ocean-blue, handmade. Dimensions: 20 cm h, Ø 19 cm
GUAXS glass is created in small, exclusive glass factories specialized in producing small editions for international artists and designers.
The demanding forms typical of GUAXS can only be blown by experienced master craftsmen. After this, the glass surface is cut by hand in several complex and meticulous stages. Thus, each piece acquires its individual structure and is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.

In order to assure you will enjoy your GUAXS objects for many years and to retain their quality , please consider the following advices:

Do only wash your glass object by hand Avoid high differences in temperature. If the object has a shiny surface, you may rub it with a bit of Vaseline to keep the shine.

Do only use soft liquid detergents without any aggressive additives.

257,00 €
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