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Vase "Black Mango" tall

The "Black Mango" is a treat for the eyes - marvelous in its simple but exceptional form in lustrous deep black. Mango-leaf resin gives the vases in the Black Mango series their striking deep black color, the result of a process practiced by Peruvian artisans since time immemorial using outdoor ovens. Centuries old know-how and traditional techniques in producing ceramics combined with modern design make this vase a fascinatingly beautiful object.

Handmade in Peru.
Material: Ceramic. Color: deep black and tan Size: Ø 40 cm, 42 cm h

Video "making of" Black Mango Vase

Allpa is an organization founded by two sociologists who wanted to celebrate the wealth and variety of the traditional crafts of their country. Based in Lima, Allpa works with producers throughout the country.
The techniques vary from region to region. Pottery, true to tradition, is made in the northern town of Chulucanas, whereas textiles mainly come from the Andes. Allpa is also committed to the continued development of existing craftsmanship.

The Black Mango Vase is not waterproof.

Water or even simple humidity on the vase can turn the beautiful, lustrous color dull and grey. Water stains should be wiped away immediately.

The Black Mango is to be used as a purely decorative object.

445,00 €
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