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Christiane Perrochon

Stoneware Schale "Sunflower yellow"

Each handcrafted object by artist Christiane Perrochon has its own life - becomes what it is through a unique interplay of form and color, type and shading of the glaze, matte or shiny finish. Her objects are remarkable in their simple beauty. Each individual piece is unique.

This bowl is extraordinary with its warm and completely natural color shadings. A precious favorite piece that you'll want to have with you for a lifetime.

Material: Stoneware, unique item. Size: 10 cm h, Ø 50 cm
Her passion, a remarkable feeling for color, and constant research in ceramic glazes have inspired Christiane Perrochon to create a range of glazes in seemingly inexhaustible hues. Depending upon the surface - porcelain or stoneware - completely different looks can be achieved with the same glaze. Her color creations find perfect expression in the perfect interplay with pure, understated forms.

These precious objects are not dishwasher safe.

Please clean them only gently with lukewarm water and mild detergent without aggressive chemical additives.

1.090,00 €
Incl. VAT plus Delivery, Status of delivery: immediately available