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Flûte Champagne Prestige, Antique Crystal

NasonMoretti Flûte Champagne "Prestige", Antique Crystal

Very elegant, absolutely noble and stylish in form - Champagne flute of magnificent crystal glass by NasonMoretti.

Carafe Prestige, Antique Crystal

NasonMoretti Carafe "Prestige", Antique Crystal

Pure elegance. Noble and stylish - enchantingly beautiful carafe of Murano glass by NasonMoretti.

Decanter Prestige, Antique Crystal

NasonMoretti Decanter "Prestige", Antique Crystal

Noble and graceful in form. Style in perfection. Beautiful, precious decanter of Murano glass by NasonMoretti.

Wine Glass Prestige, Antique Crystal

NasonMoretti Wine Glass "Prestige", Antique Crystal

Exquisite, luxurious crystal wine glass from Murano - very elegant, in the classic style. By NasonMoretti.

Carafe Harry, 15cm

NasonMoretti Carafe "Harry", 15cm

Handcrafted, small carafe of Murano glass - clear form with an enchanting touch of nostalgia.

Wine Glass, PL Liscio

NasonMoretti Wine Glass, "PL Liscio"

Wonderfully simple, classical elegance - handcrafted Murano glasses by NasonMoretti

Decanter, PL Liscio

NasonMoretti Decanter, "PL Liscio"

Decanter of Murano glass in beautifully simple, classical form by NasonMoretti.

Carafe, PL Liscio

NasonMoretti Carafe, "PL Liscio"

Carafe of Murano glass. Simple yet elegant beauty by NasonMoretti.