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Jars Céramistes

Coupe ronde,"Empreinte Blanc", Motiv damier

You'll fall in love with this special ceramic stoneware and its original hand-rolled pattern. With a touch of nostalgia and yet distinctly contemporary in its striking simplicity and originality. Jars creations are informed by a humbleness toward the métier and the natural materials that expresses itself with a maximum of simplicity to allow the true spirit of the object - elegance and softness - to easily reveal itself.
For all those who love to surround themselves with beautiful things each day. Crafted by hand, which gives each plate its own form - never quite the same and yet not really different…
Porcelain stoneware, Plate Motif damier, Dimension Ø 20 cm
Available in 3 different motives, especially beautiful in combination.
Founded more than 150 years ago in the south of France, still today, Jars continues to produce porcelain stoneware with the same hand craftsmanship, from natural, carefully selected, and environmentally sustainable raw materials. A plate passes through the hands of a ceramist a total of 17 times until it is finally completed. Each movement of the hand, as well as a knowledge of the raw materials are part of a long learning process that is transmitted from one ceramist to another over the course of generations. Jars creations are fired at very high temperatures (1200-1300°C), whereby the glaze completely fuses with the material and makes the object extremely durable.
Non-porous, will not discolor.

Dishwasher safe, suitable for microwave ovens.

Ovenproof to a limited extent - large fluctuations in temperature (hot/cold) should be avoided.

21,00 €
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